Snapshots from Zurich to Geneva


It is not usually easy to write the last day of a trip. Still hot, there are many details that we would like to tell but that would not fit in a single article ... although on the other hand talking about the flights does not provide too much content even if it is an en route story of those that we like to make.

However, it was not much more than 5.30 in the morning, when the transfer of ibis Genève Aéroport We were transferred in just 5 minutes to the Terminal. There we left our suitcase, broken from the day we arrived in Zurich and with no solution yet, and we lent ourselves to spend the last coins on a breakfast, which could not be otherwise, were insufficient (CHF 4.10 and EUR 8.72).


Iberia, makeover, the same painful service as always.

We could talk long and hard about Iberia, with which we will continue flying given the few routes that we have from A Coruña, but that It is definitely the worst company of the 30 or 40 that we have already flown (including those of Solomon Islands, Kenya, Tonga, Cuba, Iran or similar). Today, not happy to have broken our suitcase, we have had 1 hour and 10 minutes inside the plane if you take off to get to Madrid, hit us a 10-minute run from side to side of the T4 and almost beg to let us board to get to the "Reyes parade". Obviously the suitcase stayed here and until the night would not arrive. One more.

How many are going already? Since overbooking via Amman until checking how after 32 flights around the world in the South Seas the worst journey in service and quality is our sad Spanish company, going through another link and lost night to Munich, the recent desperation with his Twitter service because since he assigned automatic seats at check-in (or paid) he gave us seats in different rows for the same locator or the countless delays without even deigning to give a sad peanut. And we say ... does it cost a little kindness at least or a professional customer service? Anyway…

UPGRADE: Baggage claim response> "We are aware of the importance of delivering your luggage in the same conditions that were entrusted to us for transport. Thank you for your communication, which I have transferred to the area manager to take the necessary measures to remedy this incident in the future. ". Ah What do they not think to pay us what they have broken? What if "I plant a pine" on their seats make me pay for the damage? Well, this time at OMIC I will claim until the time it takes us to take you to arbitration (and go 3)

Snapshots of a route through Switzerland.

There are many images and moments that we have been sharing with all these days around here or through social networks. Switzerland, country of which we had our reservations before arriving, has brought us the most beautiful and inspiring snapshots of recent times (and that has been a winter itinerary, without entering the most Italian Alps, which will have to be left for summer)

Zurich He received us on December 28 with this dawn ...

... that sun that did not leave us during the first week, when we took the car and started visiting the Rhin Falls

... and the first millenary medieval cities, like Schauffhausen

Stein Am Rhein left us another dream town, before reaching one of the last principalities of Europe, Liechtenstein

... that although small, as you climb through its mountains or through its snowy towns, leave places that we could spend hours viewing ...

Those are the same ones that would inspire Heidi to exist, and even Mainfeld we moved before returning to the medieval Zug or to another dream city, Lucerne

On December 31, he caught us arriving in Bern, the small, historic and World Heritage Site, but picturesque capital of Switzerland ...

... and could not be a better choice to spend a Swiss New Year's Eve Really lovely and different.

The hangover took us to a day of lakes, with the beautiful views from the Thun Castle or the tranquility of a terrace in Spiez…

But if someone imagines Switzerland in winter, we all come with those images of snowy mountains and white-roofed houses with burning chimneys. We were in Interlaken, and Grindelwald or Lutterbrunnen they pierced our imagination ...

Would be the visit to Jungfraujoch, reaching the highest peak accessed by a train that, as if it were a worm in an apple, enters the mountain almost 8 km, that excursion (face) that we will always recommend ...

... although the snow from that moment would already be a faithful companion of travel, and made the competition of "fairytale people" more difficult for us to pass Gruyeres (Fondeau included).

What ingredients were missing? We would not have imagined it at that time, but if the dawn of Zurich was really fascinating, the dusk and romanticism that gave off Chateau de Chillon, on the shores of Lake Leman that night was one of those moments that stop time.

Freiburg, Lausanne and Geneva we were fired yesterday, as you know, and with these memories also the time that separated Madrid and A Coruña, and that allowed us to reach those "Magi" that we like so much.

KM:903 km
STOPS TO REPLACE:2 (On the highway before turning to Zug and in Geneva)
GASOLINE EUROS: 70.24 EUR + 63.83 EUR = 134.07 EUR
MID RANGE CAR RENTAL:490 EUR (includes daily, winter wheels, vignette tolls and insurance with franchise - all the information in "Car rental in Switzerland: comparison and prices"-)

In any case, in the next few days the much more detailed conclusions will arrive, and the final summary of expenses that may come in handy to future travelers (as always). Meanwhile, almost opening presents and from the warmth of home, we say goodbye to upcoming adventures.

Isaac and Paula, from A Coruña (Spain)

EXPENSES DAY:CHF 4.10 (approx. 3.49 EUR) and EUR 8.72