Everglades National Park


Today is another one of those days considered as fascinating in a trip, today we will visit The Everglades National Park. So far it is being a first "cross the puddle" of the most varied, and who was going to tell me that after more than ten years I would be telling it in my own blog.

The Everglades National Park is located in the southeastern corner of Florida surrounded to the east by the agricultural and urban areas of Miami, is considered the largest subtropical natural park in the United States and was named World Heritage in 1979 and International Biosphere Reserve in 1976. It covers a distance of 2,400 miles or 3800 square kilometers. It represents 20% of the original extent of the wetland and hosts a unique ecosystem in the world.

The Everglades National Park is separated by sections, in the southeast is the Earnest F. Coe Visitor Center which houses the central offices of the park, a few kilometers to the west we find another Center, the Royal Palm and finally there are the sections of Daniel Beard and Hidden Lake, all surrounded by an area of ​​pine trees. From the Royal Palm center, the Taylor Channel flows to Florida Bay, a deep water area with light currents.

To the west by road 9336 is the key of Long pine key, becoming a camping area also surrounded by a large wooded area with a viewpoint called Pahayokee where an elevated observation platform shows us the whole park.

Pot the southern section crosses a large swamp of cypresses, following this path you reach the swampy mangroves of the coast and hidden among them there are hundreds of small lakes and rivers that flow into the Florida Strait; Only place where we can see the famous crocodiles that inhabit this park.

In the northern section is the visitor center, Shark valley, which communicates with the lake Okeechobee along a canal, and along it there are hundreds of forested hills that house many of the species of mammals and raptors of the Everglades National Park, surrounded in addition to immense grasslands full of waterfowl and aligators.

So the activities that can be carried out in the Everglades National Park, are multiple and spend at least a whole day visiting it is almost a must. Be it a walk, a picnic, camping, boating, hiking etc. There is also the possibility of becoming a true adventurer and exploring the park at our leisure, in all the aforementioned visitor centers, inform and advise anyone interested in possible routes aided by maps as well as precautions for visiting the park. Admission for vehicles is $ 10 and for pedestrians or cyclists $ 5.

The other option we have would be to pay a tour, in the Shark Valley visitor center there are several guided tour companies, thus choosing the one that can convince us and seem interesting of all that exist. These tours cost $ 23 and for children $ 10 and there is one every half hour or so.

The famous slidersThey are the way to move around the park, huge motorboats propelled by air were waiting for us to pass between the undergrowth and the shallow lakes, between crocodiles and other animals, which will take us through the wetlands. Yes yes, exactly like what you are thinking, like the CSI Miami series.

I remember perfectly the amount of "carnivorous" insects that were in this place. We were prevented but they still ate us alive. Anyway it was worth it, it was a total contrast to see that natural place of just 1 meter deep where a few propelled barges could pass.

After the tour and the boat circuit the visit ends at the facilities of the Safari park, where the guides explain everything about the fauna and flora of the park as well as curiosities, ending with the option of being able to take a picture with the crocodiles and how could it be missing here is ours:

Saying goodbye to Miami

After spending the day in the Everglades National Park, it was time to return to Miami where we had our base of operations, we wanted to give us time to enjoy the Bay side, this time from the sea, renting a catamaran and enjoying a beautiful ride through that magnificent bay that I still love today.

We also took advantage of our last day to visit the other area of ​​the bay, Miami Beach, linked by five high roads to Miami, shows us its immense beaches and its most active nightlife with more than 150 clubs and discos as well as countless restaurants and bars, it is well known that two of its main attractions, to which , thousands of tourists arrive in search of fun and sun.

This ride was the great final climax to say goodbye to Miami and head back to Orlando where the second round of fun was waiting for us.

Isaac (and Family) from Miami (United States)