Snowmobile through the forests of Finland (and Levi)


We have to recognize that we had never rode a snowmobile before. Accelerator, brake and, with little else, soon you get with it to cross a frozen lake at high speed. The emotion gets you drunk, not only because of the adrenaline it causes but also because of the incredible scenery that the forests of Finland around Levi they give us to pass (CHAPTER ON VIDEO down here and the whole series in our YouTube channel)

Precisely Levi has had us busy one morning in which we have climbed by cable car to see the best panoramic views from the top on a day that we have loved !!

Levi, Finland's best domestic destination

Dawns A lovely day on our first full day in Levi. Well, really dawn, what is said dawn, will not do until 11 but the light is already intuited by the horizon

Gone are the low temperatures of these days that reached -23ºC and today it seems that we are in the Caribbean with -4ºC. While we had breakfast at the buffet Lapland Hotel Sirkantähti where we stay, we read that we will have several days of clear skies, good temperatures and high KP at night, which means ... possibility of northern lights!

The facilities of the main building are currently fully active between groups that are going on excursions, some at Santa Claus Village of Rovaniemi We enjoyed days ago, and others to the airport back home. Levi has been chosen many times as best domestic destination for Finns and favorite to ski with Ylläs but, beyond national tourism, Japanese through Finnair from Helsinki and English with Thompson from various destinations on the islands, are the nationalities that we see most. Paula, do we get your car and get going? Haha (we will have our own rental car within a couple of days)

Levi is that snowy town at the foot of the mountains that we all imagine when we dream of a winter destination, with its streets full of little shops and restaurants, its own atmosphere of the time, its slips, snowballs ... and its ski resort

Yesterday afternoon, although we did not comment on the story, we approached until Christmas markets but they remained closed. Today we have realized the reason to read a sign that says that, regardless of schedules, they will be closed if temperatures exceed -20ºC.

Although they are just a few booths not comparable to those that can be seen in Central Europe, they reveal that special Christmas atmosphere that we like so much

Although our goal is more than 500 meters high and can be achieved by Levi Express Gondola (4.75 EUR each but valid all day) that gives direct access to the Panorama hotel, the one with the best location in the whole town with fantastic views

We are in the heart of the ski resort, very close also to other charming accommodation such asGolden Crown Levin Iglut although our most special ones will be in the "retirement" phase in Saariselka. In just 3 minutes we are up

The surroundings ofPanorama hotel, beyond the living room with fireplace on its seventh floor, its saunas or its panoramic terraces, at this time of year have a snow dome made of ice in a privileged environment

But our intention was to discover much further.

A hot chocolate on a panoramic terrace in Levi

They say that the time of the Ruska, the last natural spectacle before the snow covers the snow landscape, is a true wonder. However, for two people not used to seeing these incredibly white landscapes of the most virgin nature it's a privilege

The trees seem bathed in snow as if they were hanging perfect white balls illuminated by a shy sun that appears on the horizon at this time of the year beyond 12'00 and barely lifts a few feet of it

Although if we had to choose only one thing, it would be that feeling of loneliness or isolation in an icy desert which is tremendously relaxing, only interrupted by the sound of our footsteps

We have come to the panoramic terrace which is located above Samiland. If we walked 20 minutes we could have reached a picturesque cafe called Peak Lapland Tuikku but we found this place more cozy with its sofas and fireplace to take that comforting hot chocolate (6.50 EUR)

¿Samiland? Let's say we didn't get much attention but we have come to know it (12 EUR each). It is a exposition about him only recognized indigenous people in the EU, the Sami people, their history and way of life

The tour is very small, set with traditional music, some dolls imitating some traditional custom and even some kota.

As a very passionate afternoon day awaits us, we decided to return to the main town of Levi to eat before it. By the way, we want to be children again! How cool the parents sledding to walk around the town with their kids ...

Where do we eat Paula? The buffet ofLapland Hotel Sirkantähti without much variety but quite economical again it is our light option (32 EUR). At night today we will look for a more traditional one

Snowmobile through the forests of Finland

Native life or boreal camp, the world of Santa Claus, reindeer sledges, snow rackets... there are many activities that we have already done these days in our trip to Finnish Lapland but if we had to choose a unique one that made us especially excited and we were especially curious, that was the one we were going to try this afternoon for the first time with our company of activities in all the bases Lapland Safaris(in English "Snowmobile safari to wilderness")

The Snowmobiles through the frozen forests and lakes of Lapland at a certain speed, they are one of the favorite activities for all who try it. Only adults can drive it (children go on a sled pulled by the guide's snowmobile) and to practice it you have to sign a series of rules among which it is not to take photos and video in motion (so we assume our responsibility for disobeying - is that it is so cool ... -). The activity also includes insurance with franchise that you would have to pay if you are negligent with the motorcycle and you charge it but you can even lower the franchise by paying a little more. Are you ready?

The instructions really are very simple. Once equipped and wearing a helmet, you have an accelerator and brake on the sleeves (which have to put different degrees of heat and go warm) and a safety click attached to the motorcycle that would turn it off at the moment if you fell. Paula goes back well attached too.

The experience? !!The best!! Awesome and VERY simple. The traction of the motorcycle is total and the turns, acceleration and brake very intuitive. When we go in a group with children on a sled, we don't take very high speeds except for an icy lake that is a joy to go at more than 80 km / h

But the most beautiful of the excursion comes in the moment you go through the woods in the dark of the night, only illuminated by the headlights of our motorcycle. If there had already been auroras it would have been incredible (sorry for the photos, it was very complicated with speed and without light)

After about 2 hours where Paula also drove a good time, we headed back to the office, always attentive to the crossings already in the town although the motorcycles have perfectly defined their lane parallel to the pedestrian and car and with their corresponding signs. We will repeat in the next few days!

Special dinner at a lapón restaurant (binge included)

Paula will "kill me" when I read this but ... I admit that I wanted to try reindeer in a good restaurant in Lapland! She wouldn't do it crazy, although, as the Finns insist, there are more than people in the country. Before we had enough time to walk around the town and buy the last gifts (59.70 EUR)

Levi is beautiful day and night. Today it is also not cold, congregates much more people in its white streets full of excursion offices, restaurants, bars and even ice sculptures

And what restaurant do we choose for that special dinner? He Pihvipirtti Steakhouse, 5 minutes from our accommodation and the main streets

It's about a cozy restaurant all of wood with the typical rustic style totally rustic which has a large coat rack at the entrance under the bust of a large moose. The way of working is to order a main dish in the form of meat or fish and opt for a buffet full of salads, marinades and entrees to taste or simply a dish that is Paula's option. And of course that 200g reindeer steak I was looking for (104.10 EUR)

What we didn't have is Paula's "animated cocktails" that made dinner more fun than ever, ajjaja, right? What a binge!

The night was going to be perfect when, in the room, we would enjoy our first northern lights although too slight to "arm the hunting team". The expectations for the next few days are still higher so we will leave this great day, including snowmobiles, falling asleep. Do we tell you a secret? Do you want to sleep well? Come to Lapland and, after a long day of cold and activities, try to do it. You will be happy! hehe !More tomorrow!

Isaac and Paula, from Levi (Finland)

EXPENSES OF THE DAY: 1 76.10 EUR and GIFTS: 59.70 EUR)