5 weekend getaways in Galicia (by zones)


On this occasion we do not take you to the farthest exotic destinations but we stay on our land. Those who have chosen Galicia for this time will know that they are having the best summer since 1873, that is, they are right. The denomination of "Galifornia" falls short, added to the absence of mass tourism, lost corners, virgins still on highways and highways, and much more to discover. Today we answer the question we received by email "What area do you recommend for a weekend getaway in Galicia?

So, we will take advantage of the "vermouth" list of Sundays and answer you quickly and schematically with the 5 most famous possibilities to base a few days (apart from having many more) in a generic way and we will go into them soon

5 weekend getaways in Galicia (by zones)

Of course, we leave aside this list the charm of many of the Galician cities such as Ourense, Lugo, A Coruña, Pontevedra, Santiago de Compostela, Vigo or Ferrol, of which we have already been talking in detail or will come in future articles , as usual. Here you have a general scheme ...

1. As Rías Baixas

We start from south to north through, possibly, the most famous coast in all of Galicia. Climb the Mount of Santa Tecla, enjoy the Parador de Bayona, visit charming villages such as Combarro or Cambados, or that treasure that we would recommend you wear once in a lifetime ... the Cies Islands!

As Rías Baixas still hide many secret places to get lost and we have talked about them in one of our articles

2. From Muros to Corcubión, Rías Altas

Those who also seek greater isolation but wish to enjoy sun and beach tourism, have one of their best options in the Rias Altas. Muros, Louro, Carnota, O Pindo or Ezaro, where there is another one of those essential and unique places in Europe, the mouth of the Xallas River, one of the few in Europe that forms an impressive waterfall. And the viewpoint from above? What do you think?

Further north we can reach Cee or Corcubion, where you can enjoy a magnificent panorama over the estuary or enjoy a beautiful sunset.

3. From Fisterra to Malpica, Rías Altas

From the lighthouse of Fisterra, the end of the world, to Malpica is considered by many to be the area of ​​the Costa da Morte par excellence and where a greater number of marine catastrophes have occurred. From the fishing environment of a fishing village to the beautiful beach of Razo, through Muxia, Laxe, Camariñas and many other charming corners

Lovers of beautiful sunsets have in the Faro de Fisterra, built in 1853, one of the best in the Iberian Peninsula

4. The coast of Lugo

We are going through one of the most neglected coasts in Spain but not for that reason with less charm. We talk about places like Vivero, San Cibrao, Sargadelos, Foz or Ribadeo and where, above all of them, the famous Playa de las Catedrales stands out. Does anyone know her?

We are in a spectacular place where the erosion of the sea has produced capricious forms in the rocks that surround it that gives a special magic to the beach

5. Ribeira Sacra

One of the most beautiful landscapes of Galicia, contrary to what many people think, is in its interior on the banks of the Cabe river, Sil river and Miño in the province of Lugo in its southern and northern part of the province of Ourense Here are the canyons of the Sil that for more than 35 kilometers leave precipices of 500 meters of spectacular elevation that do not envy at all the very Norwegian Fjords

In addition, the lovers of these places of retreat, will have in their monasteries a must visit because in this area congregations of monks and hermits were installed for centuries to reflect.

What do you think? Do you dare to know some of the charms of Galicia both in summer and at other times of the year? Of course you have many more ideas in Weekendesk, specialists in weekend getaways and, if we add the mentioned cities to all this, does it serve as a starting point to choose your weekend getaway?

Isaac and Paula, weekend getaway in Galicia