Disneyland and Santa Monica


As much as we deny it, we all love being children and being able to get that part of enthusiasm and ingenuity that we carry, although many believe we have lost it. And enjoying that is difficult in the times of negativity, stress and pressure that surround us.

Going to Disneyland from Santa Monica means go through the Los Angeles that we see in the movies (and that we will try to deepen tomorrow), the one with the big bars of huge breakfasts, the one with the pecular parking controls, the one with the big car avenues, the big empty water channels, the one with the traffic lights on the other side of the crossing, that of the original posters at height, that of…

Before we have had breakfast in a typical bar run by Hispanics right in front of the hotel (30 USD). Breakfast or lunch too, because small menus of eggs at the American rancher that have been great to fill that stomach that already roared from 6 in the morning when we had eyes as dishes. What a jet-lag we carry.

The eyes continue as dishes as we arrive in Anaheim where the Disneyland area is housed, since very contrary to the streets of A Coruña where we live, where businesses and locals shine in mass their "is transferred" "for rent" "is sold ", here there are shops and stores in every corner.

Walk into a world of magic again like Disneyland, is to recover the spirit of 1991 and 1992 of Isaac's parents, is to immerse ourselves in that we can not avoid becoming involved with a small gift of "boyfriends" (USD 49.46 and also have given us some "JUST MARRIED" plates) after leave the backpacks in the "lockers" (12 USD)


On the way to Shanghai Disney for 2015, there are currently the following Disney parks in the world (Isaac's parents have traveled them all):

- Disneyland: Formerly known as Disneyland, the original from 1955 in California and with 8 magical worlds. We were already in the vTravel to California'92
- Disneyworld: The largest in Orlando, Florida, was unvalued in 1971, and not only does it have Magic Kigdom, but it is made up of 4 other theme parks and 2 water parks in an impressive area of ​​fun that we already saw in Florida 1991
- Eurodisney: With 5 imaginary worlds, inaugurated in 1992, that we already saw in Central Europe'93
- Tokyo Disneyland: With 7 imaginary worlds, not too big, it was inaugurated in 1983. It is the only one we have yet to know.
- Hong Kong Disneyland: Very small, with just 4 imaginary worlds, inaugurated in 2005. We were already in Guanzhou - Hong Kong - Macao 2011

This, perhaps because it was the first one that existed, has something special, and it is that by 1955, the final project had been completed. Disneyland would have 5 different subject areas: Main Street, U.S.A., Adventureland, Frontierland, Fantasyland, Tomorrowland. Over the years, 3 more have been added: New Orleans Square, Critter Country and Mickey's Toontown and really agile options such as Fastpass for certain attractions where endless queues form.

Thus, we have not left the opportunity to visit the "must have" that no one should miss if you visit these parks starting with Tomorrowland and the attraction of Starwars, a 3D simulator that makes you teleport as if you were in a real spaceship.

Space mountain, conceived as a roller coaster, the adrenaline has awakened us a bit before moving on to other thematic areas of the park


It's Small World, as I said in the Hong Kong Disneyland storyIt is still one of my favorite attractions and Paula has loved it.

This long boat ride through the interior of a castle full of small dolls takes a walk around the world with the catchy song that one does not stop humming once he leaves. We have also seen some "future travel companions" who could wait for us in one of the islands we are going to visit ... or not? hehehe


This park also has a couple of areas that we did not know, the one we liked the most has been Mickey's Toontown, based on an authentic animated cartoon villa.

Here we have also taken the opportunity to eat a Pluto Dogs, haha. The truth is that just seeing where they sell it makes you want to buy something ($ 15.91)


We spent the rest of the afternoon in this area, through Fantasyland (live uncle included) until we reached Adventureland and the incredible Indiana Jones attraction that we had never seen before and that happens to be one of our favorites. !!AWESOME!!

Although, and although we forget to comment in other stories, LA FAVORITA remains, without a doubt, that of the Pirates of the Caribbean, in the area of ​​New Orleans Square, which has adapted to the cinematrographic version (very different from the one we knew) but still has essential elements that make it pure fun, such as the first falls to pirate worlds with the boat that we go on the water, the dog with the keys and now ... Jack Sparrow.

We have finished the attractions in the Frontienland area and the famous Haunted House, which still has the same charm as 20 years ago. Essential


But if something has Disneyland (and Disneyworld) that distinguishes it from the rest, it is undoubtedly its people. And is that the "yankies" may be as they are, but when it comes to being children they are the first. We have not stopped receiving "Congratulations" here and there, by wearing the "Just Married" badge and the wedding caps, hehehe. The truth is that it has been very fun.

So we have finished our day between sweets, more sodas (USD 6.25), some croisant (USD 4.31) and with some very special friends ...

It's time to leave Disneyland to try to have dinner at Santa Monica. Our friend Mickey will thank you, what if Paula? hehehe

Returning we have seen one of the most beautiful and intensely reddish sunsets we have ever witnessed. What a shame to be on the road and not in Santa Monica To enjoy it in all its splendor. It's around 9 pm when we have reached one of the best areas of Los Angeles for dinner and stroll, because Santa Monica can be considered as "the beach" of Los Angeles and one of the best places to spend the summer since the 80s of the "golden state" of the United States (for the large part of the day that shines on sun), California.

We also read that the area was inhabited thousands of years by Native Americans before the first European expeditions in the 16th century. The Spanish crown colonized the coastal areas of the territory in 1769 before it became part of Mexico after the Mexican War of Independence (1810-1821). California was part of Mexican territory until the war between Mexico and the United States from 1846-1848. At the end of the war, and as a condition for peace, the Mexican Republic was forced to cede the territory to the United States in the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. The Gold Rush in the period 1848-1849 caused an immigration of 90,000 Americans from the rest of the country. Finally, California became the 31st state of the United States in 1850.

What has surprised us is that it is also here the end of the famous ROUTE 66


The famous route 66, or US 66 is a road with a distance of 3,939 km, which was established in 1926 and originally it ran from Chicago through the United States, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California to Los Angeles (don't forget thetravel insurance for the United States). Route 66 was the main itinerary for migrants heading west during the dust storms of the 1930s, although it was removed from service in 1985

Today it is rehabilitated for tourism, and still plagued with thousands of stories and legends, such as the bridge of suicides or ghost legends. Who knows? It is possible that today we have laid the first stone here for a future adventure for one of those "must have" to do before we die and get lost in those desert stretches where the train tracks leave us, with hardly any clouds on the horizon and with the only company every many km of neon signs with curious slogans or calls, and country music coming out of a small room where a pool table, a daros board and some cowboy seek to have a good time.

Going back to Third Street Promenade, the pedestrian avenue full of shops, cafes, bookstores, theaters and restaurants in Santa Monica, we meet again that it has a lot of atmosphere almost all day but it is best to go at sunset since it is when different street artists offer their music, their tricks or their different performances. The best, take a walk in the area and dine right there in the many places there. In general, they are quite well priced and anyone can be a good option. We have opted for a classic, which we had already read and in which our good friends Ele and Chupi, the Buba Gump, in clear reference to the film of Forrest Gump.


For those who do not know, we will not reveal the film, but it has a lot to do with shrimp to all styles and for having. You have to recognize that they have decorated every detail of the film, from the ping pong paddles, to the "RUN FORREST RUN", passing through the bucket of fish or decorative objects (including bright glasses for the drink that leave you until silly haha)

What better than a varied and a dessert (53 USD) - We have tried the cooked prawns, gabardine prawns, breaded shrimp, breaded ... is there any way to make them?

After dinner we have advanced towards a very popular image in the movies, on the Santa Monica pier. It is located just below the previous area and is completely unmistakable since it has a giant ferris wheel in the middle of a mini amusement park


We must recognize that without being one of the largest or most important in the world, this area of ​​the pier that includes the ferris wheel, we all have it in our retinas as if it were as familiar as any place in our own home.

But the day does not go much further, since it starts to make fresh (if, at night it cools, Elena had already told us), and it is time to return (after buying some postcards for 1.32 USD) to our humble motel (let go ...)


No news compared to yesterday. We continue with the idea of ​​continuing tomorrow night via Fiji towards Port Vila, Vanuatu

Of course the day has been one of those who do "hobby." From the magic of Disneyland to the spell of one of those corners that make anyone fall in love, the Pier of Santa Monica, so many times known but now finally kicked. It's time to sleep for a few hours and tomorrow ... tomorrow is another day.

Isaac and Paula, from Los Angeles (United States)

EXPENSES OF THE DAY:USD 121.48 (approx. 101.23 EUR) and GIFTS: 50.78 USD (approx. 42.32 EUR)