Open letter to our community


!Hi all! Do you know the energy you don't give every day? I think we are not yet aware that On April 3 we turned 9, and that in a blog is very long. That little blog that was born to write letters to families is now (sometimes) an unmanageable monster but, as you have told us, we have managed to organize quite intuitively with these smart menus.

Keys has evolved thanks to all of you, incorporating what the most faithful were asking us, and moving away from brands that could alter the original essence of independence (to which we are also very grateful). Thus was born the gastronomy section, the video that will have a great revolution soon, the drawings with which we identified (now animated) and, above all, the different designs and changes.

We want to keep talking to you ...

... and every day they make it harder for us. The social networks, which gave us immediacy with you a few years ago, now want to monetize, and although you continueMany of you still use the email formula (and we are happy to answer you) We want you to use them all. At the moment with those of us who speak for Google+, Instagram or Twitter we can keep doing it, but on Facebook (where you are the vast majority of you) the new algorithm makes you see less and less our publications so We want to ask PLEASE those who want to continue talking with us so you don't miss 80% of our publications.

1. Enter our Fanpage Keys on Facebook
2. In the LIKE section, select the option "Receive notifications"

3. There ... Facebook will notify you of them and you won't miss any!

Do we give you some more reasons to do so?

We are going to give you some reasons, to older people to continue talking with you, for which we believe we are going to convince you

1. We have prepared a year of very varied destinations and we believe that beautiful we will transmit as always on the road, some nearby, others different and, above all, some "author" of those places that sometimes you would not consider but where you travel with us. REASON: You will be the first to see it when we publish

2. You already know that we love, in addition to talking with you, bring "some details" of the destination. This year there will be surprises and we have decided that they will go to those who write to us on Facebook. REASON: We promise surprises that you will like A LOT

3. Before bloggers we are travelers, and we love to share experiences, but without you the blog would not exist. You are one of the largest communities from Spain leaving forums and great magazines aside, simply talking with 2 travelers, Paula and Isaac, and we are very proud of it. REASON: We want to continue interacting with you!

4. Do you miss something? Any kind of video? A specific type of article to prepare your trip? Or something more revolutionary (interactive maps or something you find useful and you've seen somewhere else? REASON: The blog will continue to evolve with what you need from our trips

5. Do you want to share your travel photos through the keyways networks? You already know the ones that you take with us the most that is a possibility that we have always given you and that only some of you have used. It is very possible, that as we tell you our trips, you have much to tell ... REASON: Each time the reader / traveler will have a greater presence

And what do we have prepared? You will see it in the next days and throughout the year. This year We will revolutionize the concept of travel blog. !Promised!

Isaac and Paula. "The world big enough to fulfill your dreams"