VENICE: Carnival begins!


I admit that I don't like to write by writing, only when a moment, a trip, a dream or a memory knocks on my door. Maybe that's why the newspapers we do online, in The instant things happen, they have so much value to me. Or those items that mean something ... or a lot, like the last of Saint Sebastian.

There are places on the planet that, by its meaning, always keep a halo of nostalgia, or perhaps of desire, of which at certain times one feels he has things to tell. One of them is called Venice, and today I want to tell you about her.

There are possibly a dozen "Venecias" in the world but all of them keep that tag in their description. We are lucky connoisseurs of the beautiful Venice of Europe, Bruges, Or the Venice of Myanmar on Inle Lake or possibly many others ...


... We have also reached See incredible near-perfect replicas from the city where they arrive in love with the whole planet year after year, like that The Venetian in Macauthat we visited in the 2011 trip to Guanzhou-Hong Kong-Macao, the world's most impressive hotel-casino and the second largest.


Though Venice there is only one, and it is unique. And that's why they are hundreds of movies shot in its streets and channels. Casanova, Italian Job, Indiana Jones, several James Bond or The Tourist movies ...

Their channels they travel the city leaving dozens of magic corners. Its alleyways, bridges or houses, float on water leaving a really picturesque city of enormous beauty. And although its splendor was many years ago, today tourism brings together a place for dream achievers among whom I find myself. and where to find your own place of charm to stay is not difficult thanks to apartments like the ones Oh-Venice It can offer you with the experience of more than 15 years.


It was in 1993 my last visit to the floating city of lovers with my family, a year that would take me twice to Italy. But originated long before, when one of the great events of the city reached its splendor. We talk about your Carnival, a party that travels the world at this time every year and has returned once again to remind us of its apogee times

It was him S. XVIVI when princes and nobles came to this holiday from around the world, a Carnival very different from those in Spain we are used to, where period costumes come together to take the best photos in the Plaza de San Marcos, the Doge's Palace, the Rialto Bridge or the most emblematic places of the city.


Who doesn't know the famous Venetian masks? Its origin differs according to historians. It seems to be that it comes from the theatrical genre "the Comedy of Art" of the 16th century based on improvisation in what its actors disguised themselves as harlequins, pants, polichinelas, notaries, doctors, etc ... but also from tendencies of ancient Rome where The development of identity concealment led citizens to keep their morals behind these masks, degenerating into years of promiscuity and social decline, but whose excesses allowed the relief people to continue developing their normal role day by day.

It seems incredible, but at the time of greatest apogee, their festivities were prolonged for 4 and even 6 months, allowing the most unimaginable excesses under anonymity of the masks, giving the most humble the possibility of matching the oligarchy and releasing them. of the moral ties of his class.

Whatever it was, The 80s regained the splendor and massive arrival of tourists, becoming key dates for Venice, although without the debauchery of yesteryear. Today is celebrated all the end of January or beginning of February, and this year began yesterday and will last from February 2 to 12, 2013

I, however, still keep between my memories one of the best moments that Venice saves for its visitors. With the night, the city is almost deserted, and it is at that moment when silent, with only a few passersby in its alleyways, the road is wrapped in mysticism, the one we always talk about and makes those places that manage to stop time win so much.


Venice is a place that knocks on my door again, but it seems that my traveling life eludes it again unconsciously. Will the final call be in the next carnivals?

Isaac, 20 years ago, in a magical corner of the floating city of Venice