Little books, big ideas


We had time after having some good books that compiled those beautiful places in the world that we have always wanted to meet everyone.

There are very good pages with their own lists of priorities or choices of cities, wonders, etc ... We all recently remember the election of the famous 7 Wonders of the Modern World what // proclaimed at the Lisbon ceremony this year, of which by the way, I do not agree at all (in some article I will explain my motives) and it is a fairly subjective issue. In fact it is already beginning to pre-choose the new 7 Wonders of Nature in a similar maneuver in //

Howard Hilman
he makes his particular vision of what he considers the 100 Wonders of the World in //, website that I highly recommend and with which I agree quite a lot even in the order.

Until will have in our moment our particular list of wonders and proposals, completely personal for those who want to take as a reference, as it seems a great contribution to give ideas and make known places to meet everyone.

However, we are of those who think that there is nothing like a good book, and we have declared ourselves passionate about Lonely planet. Between his news from September October 2 books were found. We have done with one of them: TRAVEL THE WORLD

Our opinion? Regular low! The format and idea is good but it has a great "but". The book is worth around 50 euros and is quite successful, with great photos, many pages and ... in our opinion VERY LITTLE INFORMATION OF THE PLACES. He wanted to cover so many countries / places in a single book that the information given is very punctual and scarce and often of little use. The fact is that we are not happy with this book and we are still looking for 2 books that we completely ignore that are called 100 WONDERS OF THE WORLD and 100 CITIES OF THE WORLD, from the Editorial PARRAGON, which not only have a much higher level of detail of the 100 locations in which they focus, but also has good photos, are well structured, comfortable to read and manageable and ... only worth less than € 16 each. Amos, we don't take commission (after all this is a personal blog) but we have loved it. We recommend them very much.

The other publication we have an eye on is CITIES OF THE WORLD from Lonely planet also, and for around 50 euros, which does not look bad either but we will try to see it before buying it. We will tell you. In another note we will also comment on the magazines that we usually read month to month. You will have already figured out which ones are not? hehe And you? Than library Do you have your favorite places?