Stop running…


Can we be subject to similar stress level with whom the world moves right now and survive without consequences? We can run and run, sometimes even meaningless, and not lose sight of why we run? I guess if I'm writing this in this little travel blog, it's because I I have not been able to survive those consequences and now I'm recovering for the first time in 32 years from a K.O. technical. Writing here relaxes me, frees me ... Paula reads a book by my side.

Here I will not talk about travel, the first thing is for me. Than nobody worry, the second. The K.O. Technician has been time management, feeling helpless, bottleneck. Of wanting to carry out so many projects at the same time that the demand on oneself has reached such a level that it had to explode somewhere. A wonderful person with the grandmother's values, from the distance, helped me to see that I could not continue in 5th gear to get to the workshop, because I would stay on the road. It took me a while to understand it, but when I did, I changed to 3rd, as I follow right now, and my only goal is to get to that July 29, to the workshop, to put 6th again (with the lesson learned) from September.

But I'm surrounded by bright people, and as another brilliant person would say with whom I agreed this weekend, when you surround yourself with them you let yourself be infected by their energy and enthusiasm. The first is Paula, who is an inexhaustible source of passion and is a true walking heart. What else is needed? I have around me people who transmit true happiness, and I will not allow myself to lose in this life ...

In the last 15 days I have been fortunate to meet two of those who make you rethink why you run. Their names are Enrique De La Rica and Emilió Durado. I will not enter to value if you can more or less like his way of exposing life. What I loved, at this moment in my life, is how they make you think, rethink and reflect on the meaning of our way through world.

TO Enrique De La Rica I didn't know him. Enthusiastic, dynamic and in an absolutely passionate way, it makes you see how we are still cloistered in a world of yesteryear, when the Industrial Revolution turned us into machines, and despite the incredible change we are experiencing, we remain trapped without knowing how to adapt. People have lost the true values ​​that make us human. It is not philosophy. It's reality. I consider myself optimistic and exciting. Pusher and entrepreneur. I think I am able to change everything I want to change ... but I am not complete. The great values ​​that it promulgates make them very mine: FREEDOM, TRUST, PERSERVERANCE, PASSION, GENEROSITY, DREAMS, TEAM and HUMANITY

Emilio lasted It is well known to all. Sport, caring for emotions and intellect are its formulas. We live 90 years on average, and since the age of 40 we fall apart and we do not care about the most important thing, taking care of ourselves as people. But what has really made me think, is their ability to open people, to make them believe that we are capable of directing our lives. I have been very sorry ... a feeling that even Emilio himself, who promulgates fundamental personal values, is not able to get out of his own destructive dynamics. For his sake, and for the sake of what he defends, I hope he succeeds, wholeheartedly.

What I have clear is that every time I believe more in that destiny is written, and that if I am one of the few people in Spain that I am fortunate to have met these two brilliant people, it is because it had to happen now, at this moment in life. And if someone wanted to surround me in every moment of the life of certain people, it is because it makes some sense. Or not?

I write here, possibly, so you never miss this moment. I am extremely sensitive but I don't want to recognize it. Everything affects me. I write so that if my head explodes again I can recover the values ​​that have put me on the road again. My grandmother already knew, the world is crazy, but she learned to see it in a way that I am still not able to understand ... but also if someone put it here so that she could give me all those values ​​she instilled in me is because destiny I wanted like that, and because fate prepares me for something that I still don't know. While I'm going to worry only about one thing, be happy and continue to make everyone around me happy, and that brings me to this blog, to one of my passions, TRAVEL, and continue to meet people, cultures, people and ways of seeing life. I know that at some point all this will also lead me to something.

Now, please, Isaac, point it out very clearly ... STOP RUNNING. It is time to recover humanity, freedom, dreams and generosity. It is they who are missing me. After all, life is not as complicated as we sometimes do. Possibly everything merges into a word ... LOVE