Arena Hotel in Amman


New trip, new routes, new stops and new accommodations. Let's go to Syria - Lebanon - Jordan and, as always, like the rest of the preparations, we will choose our hotels.

Amman, is a "feucha" city. We were already here in 2006 (DAY 3 and DAY 11 of the Jordan Travel Diary 2006) and not worth stopping again. In addition, the flight from Madrid will leave us at Amman Airport International at 22:30, so we will consider this accommodation as a "dormitory" stop without leaving much money.

Among all the possible accommodations we have stayed with the Arena Hotel Amman.

We have used the Syrian agency Silkroad International to manage the reservations of the accommodations, taking advantage of the issue of transport for our route. In any case their website It is very complete and intuitive and making a reservation is extremely easy.

He price per day and for 2 people in a room with double bed or two beds around 40 euros To the change. In low season even cheaper. Location It is in the north of Amman. Above all we have chosen it because it is located in a part of the city that communicates quickly with the Airport, just in 20 minutes, and gives us quick departure the next day to Damascus, without getting into the chaos of the city center .

The room, of the 73 that the hotel has between suites and normal, it is fully equipped with bathroom, air conditioning, television, telephone, minibar, etc ...

Refering to cleaningIt looks like a fairly new hotel, with a new and elegant style. There are good reviews of him even though you are scant in the traveler forums. It is not a hotel to stay if you want to see the city of Amman, so it is not very chosen. More things to note are that it has fast internet, jacuzzi, spa, fitness room and a restaurant, the Mais Al Reem, where we will have dinner (included in the price) in buffet plan with oriental and western food when we arrive (if we are not too late)

He breakfast We will also do it at the hotel.

Back from the trip, we invite you to do the usual "GUIDED VISIT" of the hotel with us.

The truth is that this hotel is the counter-example of what advertising on the network does. From the photos on your page to reality there is a chasm since you enter the reception. Let's go in steps ...

his Location cheat a little. Although a priori should be 20 minutes from the airport, these must be Jordanians, because the reality is that it is 45 minutes between you enter the city and find it. It looks like a roadside motel.

The room It is simple but acceptable, with a somewhat sober decoration but with many accessories (trunk, television, minibar - although empty, etc ...). It is also quite wide. The plugs are 3 flat pins. Of course, cleaning is ... regularcilla. Even one of the windows is broken and a "tape" in the form of X type "File X" is attached.

He bathroom It is acceptable, although the pipes sound and the water takes 5 minutes to heat. Soap and shampoo shine by its absence. The towels are clean.

Possibly the best of the hotel is its breakfast Buffet type, although we do it at 6:30 to be able to leave at 7, we open it and it is quite complete (eggs, juice, coffee, tea, toast, buns, etc ...)

The we recommend? Mmmm, well, I think NO. Despite how cheap it is, it did not meet the expectations we had in it or the location and / or proximity to the Airport. Although if we analyze it coldly, it was simply a place of passage to be able to sleep a few hours and be able to clean ourselves.

Isaac, from Amman (Jordan)