Last walk through Havana


We recognized that we did not understand how all the people who came to Cuba I was in love with here ...

It is also true that what is transmitted to us is a misconception of Cuba, a series of "taboos" and "insecurities". Prostitution, for example, one of them, there is, of course, but without making you feel uncomfortable at any time. Insecurity? We have not felt insecure at ANY moment in the whole island we have seen. The place where perhaps we could feel the most is Havana itself but there are police in every corner.

Today, after having breakfast at the hotel, checking out and leaving our luggage, we have gone by taxi to Forbidden (4 CUC). We have visited El Morro, La Bahia, Old Havana (DAY 11 TRAVEL), Havana Center and Vedado (DAY 10 TRAVEL), so leaving Miramar for another occasion, we have decided to return to the modern day area to see the latest things.

We were very surprised by the taxi driver. In general we get the impression that inside and especially the peasant people, defend the Revolution to death and in the city, they are very repressed and let go with tourists but would like to fight for their freedom. I would not like to get into political issues but it has explained very interesting things that we did not know. There is a group, "The Ladies in White," who oppose the Castro regime, relatives of the dissidents tried and the people of the Revolution do not face them for fear of a revolt of the people. Also that Europe, even these incidents gave much support to Cuba and at that time broke ties. That the USA is killing them with the blockade. People are also very unmotivated with the two measuring currencies, the CUP and the CUC, and it is not productive. He has told us truths with all the letters ... and I am left with one ... THE CUBAN PEOPLE IS NOT A FREE PEOPLE.


The Ladies in White they are women who demand from the last dictatorship of America the freedom of their husbands, parents, children, brothers or nephews. Heroic Cuban women who with love, dignity and courage are beating the street to cowardice, vileness and hatred, just as other women did before under other dictatorships. Because, as José Martí wrote: 'The campaigns of the peoples are only weak when they do not enlist the woman's heart; but when the woman shivers and helps, when the shy and still woman in her natural, encourages and applauds, when the cultured and virtuous woman anoints the work with the honey of her love, the work is invincible'. And invincible are the Ladies in White.

It has given us a lot to think about while taking a walk through Vedado arriving at the Malecon.

Walking along the Malecon, on a day like this, is a pleasure. Built in 1901, it has become the symbol of Havana with its 8 km length.

Walking through it we reach the U.S. Embassy, surrounded by flags of the Revolution placed by Fidel, where they do not let you stand or on the sidewalk opposite, where the Malecon, or they start to whistle. Joios "gringos" heavy.

The walk is so nice that time is running out, and we have some gift left to buy, so let's take an old car from 1928 with new engine, to return to the Old Havana Market (4 CUC)

Already in the Jumble sale We changed the DVD we brought because "in theory" they did not have (and even asked us the brand) for several necklaces and gifts and we also bought a bottle of water (1 CUC) of the heat that was sticking.

Back to Mercure Sevilla (ARTICLE IN CHAVETAS WITH ALL THE DETAILS HERE) We bought a large water (1.5 CUC), we used the Internet for the last day (4 CUC), we ate in the Italian of the first day (18 CUC) after walking around an old and succinct area behind the Capitol NOTHING RECOMMENDED and we got to wait for the transfer to the Airport, which came at 6:00 p.m. (and appeared at 7:00 p.m.) with some goodbye mojitos (7 CUC).

On the way to the airport we met some very great Catalans, who asked us about the trip and our adventures. They were surprised at everything we said. The airport? Like the Cubans, another party: queues for not stressing out hours, plasticizing the suitcase (10 CUC both), exit fees (25 CUC each! DON'T FORGET!), Flag rooms that looked like a disco, wait , 1 hour plane delays and !!! 3 MOJITOS and 2 PUPPIES !! (15 CUC which is the last thing we had left with more help from our Catalan friends - that he had 3 cubatas, hahaha) to say goodbye (Isaac >> I have to admit that I entered the plane like Melendi, hahaha)

It has been falling on the plane and ... zzzzZzZzZzZZzZ ... good night or days or we don't know with so much Jet Lag. Ahhh, by the way, they have changed the time in Spain !!! They are 6 hours apart again. We arrived at 14:00 in Madrid !!!

Juve and Isaac, from Havana (Cuba)

EXPENSES DAY: 114.5 CUC (approx. 81.79 €)