11 things to do in Menorca ... without stepping on the beach


When we all think of a trip to Menorca, those coves that look like swimming pools or wildest beaches in the north quickly come to mind. However, beyond the most crowded months of July and August, The island has discovered these days that May, June, September or October may be the best months to travel to this little paradise even in the event that the weather did not accompany. We take you by 11 things to do in Menorca out of season (or within it) but beyond its beaches. UPDATED 2019

That does not mean that you have to set aside a route through the most beautiful coves but we will talk about it in the article

Menorca in May, June, September and October

We told you in our introductory article what motivated us to plan our trip. The ferry through the Mediterranean, natural environments, its prehistoric vestiges, gastronomy, charming villages, ... What we have found goes far beyond those generic concepts. Driving on small secondary roads without just crossing a car and crossing environments that look like a garden and get you into wild, isolated places that sometimes seem "Martian" (Favaritx) and sometimes a green garden (at this time) in the middle of the Mediterranean.

Stroll through the streets of Ciutadella or Mahón without crowds, choose a terrace to have a drink and sit wherever you want, go hiking, cycling or go jogging, enjoy that lobster stew without having a long waiting list or let yourself be duped by that slow rhythm of the island, without stress, the same one that makes you feel in an authentic and unadulterated environment and that, although it may be full in August, retains that extreme care for your ecosystem, avoiding large constructions at the foot of the cove and avoiding the circulation between them, quite the contrary that has happened in other places of the Spanish Mediterranean

Menorca has nothing to do with the concept we can have of Mallorca or Ibiza. We come in love! and it won't be long without us coming back. But today we want to tell you what to do in Menorca in a much more concrete way. ! We offer you our "vermouth" list on Sundays.

11 things to do in Menorca beyond its beaches and coves

Taste a lobster stew in Fornells

Voucher! We are gluttons, we admit it. You already know that gastronomy is a fundamental part of our trips and although in Menorca you can eat an extraordinary Lobster stew In many places as well as other recipes based on local sobrasada or mahón cheese, we decided to throw away the most famous and leave to "fish" ours to Fornells

He Es Cranc restaurant It is one of the most emblematic restaurants in Menorca and maintains its traditional dining appearance although it now breathes more tourist air. Your lobster stew is spectacular! You can already read our opinion in the review article

We liked this dish so typical of Menorca so much that we want to offer you another option closer (recommended and endorsed by readers).


Yes you don't want to move to Fornells, others that our readers recommended to us was the Cafè Balear or the It's forat in Ciutadella, for example. You can book a dinner here, located on the wall of the port of Ciudadela, by the sea, the restaurant Es Forat offers 3 starters (rock mussels, Andalusian squid and grilled Menorca prawns) accompanying the famous red lobster stew from Menorca you will wait for a rest if you book (the ideal way to enjoy it).

Even if you are not able to finish it, as is our case, in these places they offer the power to take what you have left over even if we did not.

Walk along the Camí de Cavalls that tour the island

If something has fascinated us these days among the things to do in Menorca above all else, that is the historic trail that preserves the island since in 1330 King Jaume II decided to defend his perimeter armed horse. Today is an extraordinarily well preserved public road that takes you to the most isolated corners.

Is about 185 km Distributed in 20 stages for hiking enthusiasts and perfectly signposted, although everyone can use them as they wish. Want to know more about these routes? You can find all the information you need on the official website of Camí de Cavalls, where you will find the most popular divisions (as we have already said with a mapita in hand you can do the sections and stages that you want) of the entire return to Menorca.

With them we reach some of the most impressive coves and wild beaches of this little paradise. If you are adventurous and mountaineer and want make the entire turn you can register on the website of 360º Camí de Cavalls Tour.

Discover the S'Albufera des Grau, the most important natural park

With more than 5,000 hectares and Biosphere Reserve, we are facing one of the great things to do in Menorca as well as one of the most unknown ... discover it!

It was Marc, our guide on the recent trip to Lofoten, who would open our eyes on this place. We are in a great extension to see hundreds of animal and plant species and that can be traversed on 3 routes distributed differently. (You can now read our story). If you want to book this guided tour in which the organizing team takes care of everything you can book your ticket for the Albufera des Grau, Fornells and Monte Toro here. An excursion where you will visit the natural park, Fornells, the fishing village and Monte Toro, the highest point of Menorca.

From the Rodríguez Femenias Reception Center, the tourist information center, all the information can be obtained. Don't miss the little white village!

Enjoy the night (or a more relaxed plan from a rooftop)

Menorca is not Mallorca or Ibiza but does not want to be either. That does not mean that those who want some "party" or simply enjoy the night have their options in Mahón or Ciutadella. Others, like us, prefer a gintonic at sunset from the roof of a privileged place which we talk about below

You can also find somewhere to go out in Son Bou or Cala en Porter.

Admire a sunset at Cova d'en Xoroi

Does anyone know theCova den Xoroi? They say that, with its own legend, it is one of the most special places in Menorca and, of course, its location in a cave formerly used as a refuge is privileged

The cave has terraces and viewpoints in many points, besides being able to taste an "ointment" (or "pina colada" and other cocktails) during the day while admiring one of the most beautiful sunsets. At night, in high season, it is also a disco. You can now read our article.

There are other points to enjoy beautiful sunsets such as Punta Nati, Faro Cavalleria, Bar Sa Posta de Sol or the castle of San Nicolás de Ciutadella, but this was ours

Tour the legacy of our prehistoric ancestors

It is incredible that such a small island can have so much legacy in so little space. We are in the cradle of the Talayotic Culture, from the end of the II millennium BC, of ​​which there are more than 32 vestiges between towers, towns, navigations, etc ... and is in the process of being considered a World Heritage Site. We saw several of them, although if we have to highlight any we are left with the Cala Morell necropolis, 14 caves carved into the rock

Further inland, we couldn't leave without visiting the oldest building in all of Europe,Naveta Des Tudons, also the most visited

ButTalatí de Dalt, Torretrencada, Torrellafuda, Town of Trepucó and many others, are exponents of this legacy that deserve a stop

Stop in one of its charming villages

And we would not know where to start.Cales Fonts, Ferreries, Es Mercadal, Alaior, Es Migjorn Gran, Es Castell ... Maybe it’s next to Fornells, Binibeca Vell that fishing village (south of Mahón) built in 72 that we all imagine with its white houses and narrow streets.

Actually today it may seem more a theme park as it is one of the most tourist spots on the island but at this time it retains its charm

Both its access and its streets are impeccable, completely restored.

Marvel at the beautiful Ciutadella

Ciutadella or Ciudadela is the most beautiful city of Menorca, for its heritage and for the magical atmosphere it breathes.

Theirnarrow streets of the historic center, its atmosphere in the Plaza del Borne or in the Plaza de Ses Voltesu, its walk through the port to the Castle of San Nicolás or its excellent gastronomic offer as well. If you want to enjoy this wonderful area you can book your Citadel excursion, which includes round trip transportation from your hotel.

We could not enjoy the night since we were staying on the other side of the island but, they say, it also breathes a lot of charm and is one of the things to do in Menorca that can not be missing on your list.

Approaching the Mola Fortress in Mahón

Mahón may not have the charm of Ciutadella, but its bay is spectacular. In the same mouth of the port, on the other side of Es Castell, the Mola Fortress, the best example of military architecture of the 19th century from Menorca

Although the old streets of MahonAt the top, they also leave some terraces and picturesque places to get lost

Without a doubt, it deserves a small stop although not full-time. You can also visit Marlborough Fort in Es Castell

Getting lost in the most isolated and strange places, Faros tourism

Cavallería, Nati or Artrutx are some of the most prominent but if there is one that does not leave you indifferent, that is Faro Favàritx. Here the lush vegetation of the island that sometimes eats the road ... disappears! leaving a Martian landscape where could a science fiction movie be filmed

In this area there are also two of the wildest and most famous coves among the Menorcans, while less known. It's about the Cala Tortuga and Cala Presili which also boast of that blackboard rocky environment that characterizes the site

Staying in a hotel with a "plus"…

... that allows you to enjoy its facilities, experiences, indoor pools, solarium, u-wellness or gastronomy. So, in the hypothetical case that you had bad luck with the weather, your vacation would still be perfect with things to do in Menorca without leaving there.


We, as you know, stayed at theBarceló Hamilton Menorca - Adults only A fantastic option to allow you to rest and disconnect. You have all our experience and opinion in the article of Hotel Barceló Hamilton Menorca, with video included!A special and more personal memory of what our experience at this hotel in Menorca was.

He is also the pioneer in the concept of "adults only" in Menorca (who does not want to disconnect a few days?). All designed to enjoy the stay.

In addition, you receive on your terrace (the one we saw above),the first dawn of Spain from Es Castell with Mahón Bay in the background.

More things to do in Menorca ... in its coves and beaches

What if we add to all the above that, with 21-22ºC of May or October or 25ºC already in June and September, one can enjoy sun and beach tourism and even bathe in those waters that look like pools of the coves of Menorca? But we will tell you that in another article. We leave you a list of ideas for that case:

- Full-day tour of Menorca by sailboat which is the one we would most recommend doing in it, the best beaches and unique places on the island are sailed.
- Scuba diving in Menorca: one of the best in Spain for the most passionate to enjoy
Catamaran ride through northern Menorca enjoying the most virgin and inaccessible areas of the island
Boat trip through the coves of Menorca discovering the coves of the south of the island, the most famous for its natural beauty, in a more affordable way than the previous ones
Sailboat ride at sunset for those who want something different, a romantic moment watching those Menorca sunsets that are magical
- Canoeing in Menorca or also kayaking to demonstrate your skill and manned by one or several people
- in the form of a guided tour of the amazing marine life of the nature reserve of northern Menorca.
Stand up paddle which consists of rowing standing on a surfboard, it has become a fashion activity of recent years
Jeep Safari by unknown Menorca through roads that can only be traveled in 4X4, visiting charming villages and enjoying the best coves.
- Waterparks in Aquarock (Cala'n Bosch) or Aquacenter (Cala en Blanes) for the little ones (or not) if the weather is good

We will continue telling you many more experiences and practical details these days but ... Which of the plans and things to do in Menorca at any time of the year did you like the most? Would you add any?

Paula and Isaac, already back from Menorca